SameYou’s UK Neuro Recovery Directory

Finding brain injury rehabilitation services close to you

Information below as quoted from SameYou

"Over the past two years, our supporters have told us how difficult it is to find neurorehabilitation services to help their medium to long-term recovery, so we created this Directory to signpost brain injury and stroke survivors and their families and carers to local services in the UK.

Right now, this directory only covers Acquired Brain Injury support charities who have agreed to have their details included but we are keen to grow it further. If you know of a UK recovery service that we haven't included, please share this post with them and ask them to get in touch so we can add them to the Directory.

Our next step is to ask for the reaction of survivors and their families to tell us what they find useful. And then we will keep going to add listings of NHS services and independent rehabilitation clinics.

The building and maintenance of the Neuro Directory is a big commitment of the charity’s time and resources. We are starting with UK support services only and if we receive feedback to tell us this is helpful we hope to roll it out to the US as a second phase. So please do share this with anyone who you think it could be helpful to and please do let us know what you think."



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