Raymond Lynch: Returning to Work After a Brain Injury

Procter & Gamble Webex Meeting (18-Nov-2020)

We are delighted to be able to share with you Raymond's presentation as Procter & Gamble's Global Ambassador for Employees with Disabilities and Medical Conditions, highlighting the challenges and importance of returning to work after a brain injury.

The recent conference marked a very important stage in the development of the Return to Work (RTW) Accommodations Programme. Raymond Lynch has developed this with the support of Procter & Gamble and medical specialists from the University of Cincinnati (NeuroTrauma dept) together with the American Brain Injury Association.

The innovative RTW programme is designed specifically to provide best-in-class support to those returning to work following a brain injury. It forms a bridge between the scientific understanding of brain injury - guided by medical professionals, and those leadership teams inside the company who need the knowledge and systems to better support those returning to work after an ABI/TBI.

Procter & Gamble is the first global company to have this scheme in place.

This successful Webex meeting enabled Raymond to reach out to colleagues from around the world, highlighting the RTW programme's aims and objectives. This has lead to the creation of ‘P&G support network for employees with brain injuries’ due to be launched January 2021.

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