Returning to Work after a Brain Injury - by Raymond Lynch

Webex Conference, 18 November 2020

On Wednesday 18th November, I will be presenting at a Webex Conference for senior managers of Procter & Gamble.

The conference (Returning to Work After a Brain Injury) marks a very important stage in the development of the Return to Work (RTW) Accommodations Programme which I have developed with the support of P&G and medical specialists from the University of Cincinnati (NeuroTrauma dept) together with the American Brain Injury Association, USA. The RTW programme is an innovative, ‘new to the world’ process designed specifically to provide best-in-class support to those returning to work following a brain injury.

It provides a bridge, a connection between the scientific understanding of brain injury of the fantastic medical professionals who work in this complex field and those inside our company, who need the knowledge and systems to better support those returning to work after an ABI/TBI …the managers, the internal medical team and the HR teams.

P&G is the first global company to have this scheme in place. I am very proud to be involved in this programme.

(Raymond Lynch)

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