Raymond Lynch - Reflections 2020

A look back on the year so far and a positive view to the future

My name is Raymond Lynch, Founder of Brain Injury Touchpoint.

Lockdown has been a trying experience for all of us but particularly so for ABI survivors. I was trying to imagine what it would have been like for me 20 years ago when I myself was recovering from a severe brain injury. Because support groups and networking events have been postponed this year there is less support and guidance for people recovering from brain injury. The fact that you are on our website might mean that YOU are looking for some support and guidance.

In my short video I just want to share some of the thoughts that I have had through the lockdown period. Other videos, survivor stories and articles can also be viewed on the website and hopefully these will provide some of the support you are looking for.

We are constantly developing this platform to reach the most amount of people we can whilst maintaining to offer 'helpful help'. We welcome any feedback on how we can improve the materials on this website.

Thanks for your support!


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