Injury Summary

RTA, September 1998 (20 years ago)

One of my biggest regrets is ‘hiding’ all the challenges which I faced and ‘pretending’ that everything was all working well and OK!

Unfortunately, the injuries (physical and mental) which I suffered in my accident completely eroded any confidence which I previously had and I somehow felt it better to fuel the understanding that everything was ok for me.

Key Challenges

Physical pain from my injuries (Hips, Legs and Feet)

Inability to speak and communicate (grammar, context, word finding and sentence structuring)

Abject sense of failure and loneliness where I thought this was all my fault and I felt all alone, not having anyone to talk to about why I was having these challenges

Perpetual sense of confusion and complete inability to prioritise tasks, either at work or at home.

Anxiety as to whether I was following the correct recovery path Everyone kept on saying it will take time but no one really explained why! The WHY is that your brain is working around your brain injury, making new connections and forming new pathways. This does indeed take time and it is not a reason not to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

While I was working through all these issues/challenges, people were not very understanding or accepting of my new ‘self’. In truth I had evolved into a different person and most of my old ‘friends’ despaired of me and left me.

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