How Your Brain Works and What to do When it Doesn't

P&G values diversity and inclusion with more than 145 nationalities in our workforce and operations in 70 countries throughout the globe.

People with disabilities (PWD) is part of the Diversity and Inclusion pillar, allowing P&G to continue innovating globally.

Stephanie Ramsey – Brain Injury Association of Ohio

Learn why the silent disability of brain injury will become the third largest global health challenge by 2020… and the opportunities this presents for P&G.

Raymond Lynch, PhD – P&G R&D GLIC, Europe

A head-on collision left Raymond with debilitating spine and brain injuries. Through determination, he turned his life around. With P&G’s support, he consults with the UK Government and London-area hospitals on brain injury.

Laura Ngwenya MD, PhD – Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery University of Cincinnati

Dr. Ngwenya will present ‘The neurology of a brain injury’ and detail why very few people survive and recover from such a traumatic experience.

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