Injury Summary

RTC leading to broken ribs, badly fractured pelvis and traumatic brain injury (frontal lobe contusions and diffuse axonal contusions). Air lifted to Sir John Radcliffe hospital and placed in induced coma for 10 days. In hospital for total of 3 months

Following discharge from hospital, struggled with ‘normal daily activities’ (noise distractions, sounds of traffic, shopping, lights, people) often leading to anxiety and panic attacks. Therefore worked extremely hard with Occupational Therapist to become ‘a mum and a wife again!'

Help came when childminder was able to look after the kids and allow mum to both recover and focus on what was necessary. The next challenge was getting back to work and passing her driving test to enable her drive again. She was able to do this but certain caveats. Could only drive without any ‘distractions’ such as music or internal car dialogue.

Feels proud of being able to become ‘a mum and a wife again’. The key to recovery has been a loving and supportive family.

Key Challenges

Feels frustrated she looks quite normal and people have no understanding how different she is inside. ‘My long term difficulties are anger, feeling overwhelmed when I have many tasks to do and swearing.

Happy to be currently working with Allied Neuro Therapy.

John Radcliffe Hospital

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