New Website For a New Decade

BITP has come a long way since its conception and we are well on the way to applying for official charity status

BITP founder, Raymond Lynch, began by promoting his own story of brain injury and recovery, highlighting the complex nature of finding the right help and support.

Our focus is now on the Return to Work Accommodation Programme for brain injury survivors

On this new website, we will continue to promote the experiences and stories of brain injury survivors. The belief is that by sharing this information, other survivors as well as their family and friends, are able to find hope that some form of recovery is possible.

Future Plans For 2020

The RTW Accommodation Programme for P&G employees with brain injuries is currently being piloted in USA. We will review our learnings towards the end of this year and hope to roll the scheme out across other organisations in the UK.

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Brain Injury Touchpoint (BITP) is a registered charity in England and Wales:

Charity number 1189715

Brain Injury Touchpoint does not provide medical advice. The charity website offers a platform for other brain injury survivors to share their experiences, offers information from reliable sources, advice to brain injury survivors and signposts links to other relevant organisations and companies. BITP is grateful for the continuing support of Procter & Gamble but retains a separate identity and is completely independent from Procter & Gamble in its decision making.

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