Description of injury event: Kite surfing accident with GCS 3

Where initial treatment took place: Royal Preston Hospital

Were any specific procedures undertaken? Craniotomy

How did the survivor (or you) feel at this point? In a coma for 2 weeks

Describe the initial rehabilitation: In Neuro Rehabilitation Unit (NRU) in Preston for 2 years then community ABI team

Describe the ongoing rehabilitation: Meetings with neuropsychologist

How does the survivor (or you) feel about the recovery progress? I'm amazed at how well I've been able to come back - From being told that I would never walk again to running marathons

Points you believe would be worthwhile sharing with other survivors: Never give up hope - Set realistic goals for yourself and keep setting more

Give an example of ‘helpful help’: Physiotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Give an example of ‘unhelpful help’: Being told that I would have to accept the fact that I would would make no further progress and I would never walk

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