I learned to walk with my son

Date brain injury occurred:14/01/2007

Description of injury event:I fell on my head on to hard sand in a kite surfing accident on Blackpool beach

Where initial treatment took place:Preston royal infirmary

Were any specific procedures undertaken?:Cranial surgery removal of bone and replacement with a plate. Boreholes. Permanent shunt

How did the survivor (or you) feel at this point?:Frustrated

Sad at missing out on the things that I loved to do especially with my three wonderful young children who were growing up fast. Sad at missing being capable to help the first days weeks months years of my son who was born while I was still in hospital

Describe the initial rehabilitation:Preston nru.


Neuro psychology

Occupational therapy

Describe the ongoing rehabilitation:My own efforts to get back on track and start a new career as a motivational speaker

How does the survivor (or you) feel about the recovery progress?:Slow but steady

Points you believe would be worthwhile sharing with other survivors:I did a triathlon five years after I was told that I would never walk again and have gone on to run the Dublin marathon twice

Give an example of ‘helpful help’:Neuro psychology

Give an example of ‘unhelpful help’:Being taught to walk with a blind stick and being offered a guide dog

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Viewing brain injury survivor stories can help people see that there is hope that some form of recovery is possible.

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