Headway webinar on 'Returning to Work After Brain Injury'

A recording of a webinar facilitated by Dr Giles Yeates and colleagues

Headway's ‘Returning to Work After Brain Injury’ webinar was held on 27th January 2021

Presented by Dr Giles Yeates, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist & Tai Chi Instructor and accompanied by members of the Working Out Vocational Rehabilitation Service, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust - Mandy Salter Specialist Neuro Occupational Therapist and Martin Hillier, Placement Consultant at Community Head Injury Service.

Following injury, many survivors seek an answer to that common question: "what do you do then?". Be it paid or voluntary, a work role can be a powerful element in a survivor's rebuilding of their identity post-injury. However returning to work can be a challenging process, with the needs of both survivors, work colleagues and the employer requiring support during the process. Common reasons for difficulties in the workplace are often not the ability to do the actual job, but are related to social interactions with colleagues. We will explore these common challenges during this talk, take questions and share links to helpful resources. (Headway)

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