Global Ambassador for Employees with Disabilities and Medical Conditions

Dr. Raymond Lynch | Proctor & Gamble (01-Oct-2020)

We are pleased to share the following announcement, effective immediately.

Dr. Raymond Lynch is appointed Global Ambassador, Employees with Disabilities and Medical Conditions. He will lead the Global Center of Excellence (COE) for Accommodation and report to Dr. Shawn Standridge, Global Medical Director–Human Resources. Raymond will continue to be located in the UK.

In these times, P&G’s focus on equality and inclusion has never been more important, nor more apparent. In an effort to best provide equal opportunity for employees with disabilities or medical conditions, the Company facilitates reasonable accommodations for those colleagues, to enable them to perform the essential functions of their role and/or role for which they are applying. As an ambassador for those colleagues, Raymond is available to listen, provide support, and help guide colleagues to applicable benefits, programs, or offerings available at P&G.

Please join us in welcoming Raymond to this important role.

Julio Nemeth Dr. Shawn Standridge Chief Product Supply Officer Global Medical Director Executive Sponsor, People with Disabilities Human Resources

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