Brain Injury Association of Ohio Summit (18/19 March 2021)

Empowering Brain Injury Survivorship: Education, Research & Advocacy

Raymond Lynch, PhD, Ceng, MIChemE P&G Global Ambassador, Employees with Disabilities and Medical Conditions

Raymond went on motorcycle touring summer vacation in France. He was involved in horrific head on collision in August 1998 which left him in a coma for several months, and diagnosed with significant and severe brain injury where brain function is significantly compromised. After learning to read, write, walk and talk again, decided to return to work. Based on many, many misunderstandings by management, together with lack of empathy, he eventually presented on brain injury to his employer along with Dr. Ngwenya (UC Neuro Trauma) and Stephanie Ramsey (BIAOH). The team helped create a Return To Work Accommodations (RTW) program for P&G. This has now been deployed for P&G North America, with global deployment expected soon.

We are excited to see you all at the 2021 Ohio TBI Summit! We have two half-days of conference activities for brain injury survivors and professionals alike, including keynote addresses by Dr. Lance Trexler and Kevin Pearce, along with 26 other speakers from across Ohio and beyond. Please see the attached digital program and our website for more details.

Before the Summit, please watch Kevin Pearce’s recent TED Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZH7-r1Wy9o

The conference will take place online via Zoom webinar. Links to attend are available at the 2021 BIAOH Summit site by clicking here and signing into your registration account. We look forward to learning together with you. If you have any questions, please contact the conference organizers at membership@biaoh.org.

BIAOH Summit
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