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What is GripAble?
GripAble is a smart mobile assessment and training device that helps people with upper limb movement impairment – such as stroke survivors, and people living with brain injury, cerebral palsy, or trauma - who are undergoing hand rehabilitation to improve movement and grip strength.
GripAble is handheld and connects to a mobile app to play clinical-based activities and games on its therapy platform to train core hand movements in a fun and engaging way. The results are measurable and trackable both for home-based users - and as a handy assessment tool for healthcare professionals.
Why GripAble?
One of the top goals for people recovering from brain injury is to regain basic hand/arm function. Without it, completing the simplest and most important tasks in life such as drinking, eating, washing, and dressing, can be a struggle. However, there are simply not enough therapists available and those therapists have limited time with patients; it is often difficult for people to comply with prescribed exercises on their own. This can impair recovery. Self-rehab is boring and painful, and few people are able to keep up with prescribed training. GripAble wants to support therapists and help people get back to doing what they love.
Almost 45% of stroke survivors feel abandoned after they leave the hospital (Stroke Association, 2018).
Studies show that the more repetition and strength training a person performs, the greater their chance of restoring movement, and ultimately their independence. Physical rehabilitation is critical for patients to restore quality of life after stroke and many other neurological, orthopaedic and paediatric conditions.
In some senses the challenge is as much mental as physical. Keeping up with a rehabilitation regime, no matter how willing you are, is a grind. It can seem as though all of that sweat and the understandable tears that accompany it, can leave you thinking that it’s all for nothing and that the future is bleak.
What are people saying?
"My stroke left me paralysed down the left side. I have been using Gripable for 2 months and my physio is amazed with my improvement. With about 10 minutes per day with GripAble I continue to show marked improvement." -Michael
"I purchased a GripAble for use in my independent practice and have found it to be a fantastic treatment and assessment tool. The activities are varied and in many cases it has given the client a way of seeing the difference between their affected and unaffected hand, giving them a goal to work towards. “ -Molly (Therapist)
“GripAble is an amazing, dead neat bit of kit.  I love that it tracks my grip strength and I can see the improvement since I last measured it and that it shows my progress” -Peter
"We have multiple clients using GripAble and the feedback is fantastic! The OT’s actually preferred to have it stored right in their office so they could access it more quickly." -Rehabilitation Centre
"Over the last 11 years I have tried lots of therapies for my 12 year old son, but the sessions were really stressful, our son was not motivated. GripAble has been a game changer. He is so motivated, sessions are a pleasure with very rewarding results.” -Father of Max
How it all began?
GripAble was born at Imperial College London in 2014, where Dr. Paul Rinne, PhD in Neuroscience, and Dr. Michael Mace, PhD in Biomedical Engineering, collaborated to create a better rehabilitation device.  Dr. Rinne was frustrated with the inaccessibility of rehabilitation technology to patients and therapists. He and Dr. Mace developed a tool that aligned with the daily clinical pathways of therapists and that could be used by the vast majority of upper-limb impaired patients, whether at home or in the hospital.  GripAble’s device harnesses advanced technology to improve the experience and effectiveness of upper-limb rehabilitation. It is affordable and powerful for clinical use while being portable and motivating for patients. 
Since its formation, GripAble has grown and innovated with input from an international team of industry leaders. GripAble aims to revolutionise rehab with its smart, simple device that is highly useful for therapists and patients. 
GripAble is clinically excellent with nearly a decade of research, development and testing and in partnership with Imperial College London and Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust and University of Oxford Technology. To learn more get in touch at