who we are

"supporting brain injury survivors to adapt and adjust

to new home and work circumstances" 

(Mission Statement)
There are three pillars which may be of use to brain injury survivors, 
their families, friends and colleagues:
Explanation of what a brain injury is and most importantly what effects it can have on people’s lives, behaviours and abilities
Key details about where people (brain injury survivors, friends and family) can find help. Help can take many forms but for now we will focus on the key hospitals, centres of excellence, therapy units, helpful organisations and specific doctors operating in the area of brain injury
Having a brain injury may first appear dreadful but here you can observe (read or watch video posts) how others have adjusted to their new capabilities and above all else there is hope

We strive to promote important information through sharing knowledge and offering hope to all brain injury survivors and their loved ones.

Our Mission

BITP was set up by a brain injury survivor after it became clear just how difficult it was to navigate to a place of recovery. In so doing we want to share what has aided other brain injury survivors to help them find resolution. Go to our Hope section to read stories and hear of experiences from other brain injury survivors.

Our Vision

We aim to help by sharing stories from brain injury survivors of where they found help and providing links to other organisations who operate within this brain injury recovery space. We want to grow as a community and that is only made possible by the input of brain injury survivors sharing their experiences and useful feedback and advice. Don’t hesitate to contact us!